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Joseph Tawadros at Avatar Studios, NY with Bela Fleck, Roy Ayers & guests

A friend of mine sent me the music of Joseph Tawadros, Chamelions of the White Shadow.
This was recorded at Avatar Studios, NY with Bela Fleck, Roy Ayers and guests.

I had never heard of Joseph Tawadros and sometimes this is the way I like to discover an artist as there are no preconceptions. I prefer to launch straight into it and form my own opinions without being tainted by reviews and research.  So I had a small glance at the artist on youtube, pressed play and then closed my eyes.

I was taken to the streets of Paris, the markets of Istanbul, the jazz clubs of New York, Cuba and the toe-tappin' towns of Virginia and North Carolina.
But not only did I travel to these places, I travelled the world and also to the unknown where I have not even ventured to yet.  I am transported to a new place where things collide but form a coherent and captivating fusion and celebration.
A new place is created as is a new style of music, a fusion of bluegrass, acid jazz, afrobeat, rumba, flamenco, gypsy jazz, and even sometimes medieval-well to my ears anyway.

Sign me up for the magical mystery tour to this unbeknown destination!

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