Sense of Self group exhibition, Nyisztor Studio, Melville WA - Jun2015

Dear friends,
I am in this group exhibition at Nyisztor Studio, Canning Hwy, Melville, Western Australia until 7 June 2015.
I was invited as a contributing artist for this Curtin University fashion design student exhibition.
The pieces I have exhibited is a charcoal illustration on a suspended piece of calico with layers of organza suspended in front. Also, a charcoal illustration on stretched canvas title Limb Shady, get it get it Slim Shady, oh dear...
Please come down and have a look.
I have an upcoming group exhibition in early July at Buratti Gallery, Subiaco, Western Australia, stay tuned.

Limb Shady - Charcoal on canvas 100cm x 100cm
Textile piece - Charcoal on organza and calico 200cm x 150cm


STAGE 1 - sketch up

STAGE 1 - sketch up 2
STAGE 2 - draw on to calico

STAGE 3 - Draw on organza and place in front of calico