My new artwork for design competition

The competition was ran by a building company and an NT newspaper.
The winning work would be displayed on four 8x35m metal panels on the ends of two apartment towers in Darwin. 
The theme was loose but had to reflect the Territory in one way or another.
 The judges were to select 5 finalists and then the public vote for the winner, with the winner receiving $10,000.

I incorporated the building's name, Spirit & Soul into my concept: 

To me the strongest impression of Darwin that I first noticed when I moved here and will stay with me, is the contrast in weather and the feelings that the weather evokes - the red hot sunsets of orange, violet and pink hues; the stormy turbulent blue, grey skies that threaten to explode.  My atmospheric paintings show the varying skies that present themselves daily to Territorians.  I have attempted to express the colours of the skies and the feelings these colours evoke.
I believe the NT weather is part of Territorians' daily lives thus encompassing the spirit and soul of the Territory.
When the NT is discussed I find that we always, in some point of the conversation talk about the weather.  To me, this shows that it is an important and powerful theme, forming the spirit and soul of place and should be celebrated.
The four below represent the exciting constantly changing NT skies - vibrant sunsets and storm. I created them as diptychs.

I designed these to be in in 4 panels. 

Supporting concept photographs

I did not get through unfortunately. Here were the finalists..
 and the winner is....