My latest Interior Architecture project December 2011

A place to waste useful time
Garema Place - Canberra, ACT, Australia

tracing + analysis - disconnection, loneliness, grey, sensory deprivation, sunken, encroachment

Concept- engage, elevate, interrupt man's circadian rhythm, enhance sensory, nature, voids, ruins, eliminating barriers: out-in-out, romance

'Self Storage' Design

My site model of Garema Place showing drabness, history of site such as a protest site, disconnection of people, transience of space.
Section model of my in-out-in space- blurring the interior and exterior - a public ruins-like space to waste useful time

Hand-drawn plans, section and elevations

interior perspective of passageway with push doors into Garema Place and ceiling openings giving views to the walkway above and letting light in.