Gallery Design

I thought I would add my latest Interior Architecture project in which the brief was to design a silversmith/ jewellery workshop, gallery and residence in a pre-exisiting building designed by the wonderful architect Enrico Taglietti (whom I had the privilege to interview in his studio!)
Copyright: my photo of Enrico Taglietti taken in May 2011

I will not include all of the boring intricacies of my design however I thought the photos of the model turned out quite interesting...

Themes of intrigue, mystery and drama are created through the use of light and lack of light and semi-transparent spaces. Once entering the space at the base of the stairs, the visitor is invited to travel down three dark meandering paths- left, right or straight. At the end of each path is an intriguing feature such as a glowing box or a hint of light, enticing the visitor to travel down the path to find out what is at the end, upon which they stumble upon something new and are invited to travel through another space.

The intent was to fuse public and semi-public spaces.

Jewellery intrigues.

Jewellery enhances.

Jewellery can be subtle or it can overpower.

The approach taken to this gallery design was one of a quiet, subtle, intriguing enhancement to the already existing building, without being overpowering.

The existing structure remains apparent. It lives and breathes. It is celebrated andadorned with glowing, wrapping, ornamentation.

"Everyone likes to own a jewel, but almost nobody talks about it. Natural modesty is one cause of this discretion, one may like to enhance oneself, to show off a precious stone or a design, but one waits for people to see it..."

Graham Hughes from "Jewelry' 1966