feathering the nest - group exhibition

Melody Ellis' group mail art exhibition: feathering the nest

I sent in 'playback' - a hanging mobile I made from found objects (or junk) I found on my street.
I was walking home one day and found an unwound dictaphone cassette tape. I thought I would do the right neighbourhood thing and pick it up so I started winding it up, wrapping it around my hand again and again and again and as I was winding, I was thinking of uses for the cassette film instead of just throwing it in the bin.
I decided to put it in my anorak pocket and happened to stumble upon a few more things that I usually wouldn't have even noticed.


feathering the nest (a group mail art exhibition)

Opening Saturday 4 April 2009
6:00 - 8:00pm

66 Hopetoun Circuit Yarralumla ACT

Marc Alperstein
Jonathan Baskett
Zanny Begg
Lauren Brown
Kate Carr
Monica Carroll
Melody Ellis
Marc Freeman
Somaya Langley & Christian Malejka
Sarah Logan
Annette Marie
Paul McGee
Brendon McKinley
Sarah Mosca
Vedanta Nicholson
Kalina Pilat
Francesca Rendle-Short
Spyridon Simotas
Peta Sirec
Richard Spellman
Alison Spence
Sarah St Vincent Welch
Casey Temby
Nella Themelios
Amy Thompson
Stedman Watts
Zuza Zochowski